The official Jesus Army watch

From time to time, we receive enquiries regarding Jesus Army watches. We have put together this official Jesus Army watch site with all the information we can find regarding these watches. However we are not, and have never been, experts on watches and many people appear unclear whether these watches actually exist, or are simply a figment of the imagination.

Did you know that from the beginning wristwatches were almost exclusively worn by women, while men used pocket watches up until the early 20th century? Or so says Wikipedia.

The Jesus Watch

A Jesus Army watch “Therefore keep watch,
because you do not know
the day or the hour”
Matthew 25:13, NIV

If you ever find yourself wondering when it's time to pray, check out this limited edition Jesus Watch from Wozoro, available in both men's and women's sizes.

Argos also have a nice collection of watches.

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The Jesus Army watch is based on Toby Pitman's Old School Clock and is explained in detail on the CSS-Tricks website.